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We had no idea that people would find this site by Googling various things, such as "Buddhism", "Bats", "Totem Poles",  "Grape Press", "Jellyfish", "Pigeons" and more, but they have, and they found us.  Sometimes we decide to allow our photos to be published after negotiating the terms.  Here are some examples:

Jean-Luc Boyer has been fascinated by pigeons at least since he was 12 years old, and has made them a serious study.  His latest book, co-authored by Bernard Lardeux is titled, La production du pigeon de chair.  It is both scholarly and accessible (though much more so if you read French), and in its 22 chapters covers most things you could possibly want to know about them.  The book is well illustrated with drawings and photos.  As you go through the book you might find a photo credit for  If you wish to obtain the book, here is the rest of the information you need:  Editions France Agricole, Paris, 2nd edition 2006 (

Boston University Professor Stephen Prothero has put together an impressive course guide called, Religions of the East: Paths to Enlightenment, published by Recorded Books ( They found us by Googling "Buddhism". You will find something of ours in there, but the photo credit was erroneously omitted.

Patrick Bonneville and Phillippe Hermano from Quebec have assembled a 464 page hardbound book listing, briefly describing, and showing in color photographs many hundreds of World heritage Sites as listed by UNESCO. The photo credit index is set in very small type, so good luck finding

The International Baccalaureate Organization of Asia Pacific wanted to use one of our Fiji photos on their mailing announcing a workshop to be held in that country.

Volcanoes Safaris, the wonderful organization that we used for Uganda and Rwanda used some of our photos inside their new brochure


Every two years Andy Barton from Chester,

England choreographs a new book of photos by members of the Leica user Forum (, and this is his best effort yet.  You'll find our photos among the 107 Leica photos in this book, which you can buy through Blurb.  A portion of the proceeds goes to the Association of International Cancer Research.


One Camera, Many Eyes - Bill Parsons of Boston put together this book of Leica photos.  Our photo from Namibia is on the cover and several other photos are indside.


Tours Nicaragua put togehter an excellent itinerary for us, and exexuted it very near perfectly.  We highly recommend their services, and they have asked to use some of our photos.