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Bhutan – This peaceful Buddhist nation has an engrossing culture centered on religion and only lightly touched by the outside world.  It is an exceptionally special place.  To see our Bhutan trip notes click here.  To see our Bhutan photos click here.

Papua New Guinea -- Much of Papua New Guinea (PNG) is essentially in the stone age, not all that influenced by departed European and Australian colonies, nor by past and present missionaries.  Remarkably, the inner highlands were so inaccessible that outsiders never penetrated to make contact until two Australian brothers and their party went there in search of gold in 1932.  The cultures are complex and paradoxical, and once we have our detailed notes written you'll see what we mean.  Until then you can get an inkling by viewing six pages of photos, all linked together, starting by clicking here.

Tana Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia – Extraordinary funeral and burial customs are practiced by this Christian enclave in predominantly Muslim Indonesia.  The unique architecture of buildings enhances the lovely countryside.  To see our Indonesia trip notes click here.  To see our Indonesia photos click here.

Maasai, Tanzania, Africa – Chiefly ranchers and hunters, the Maasai have maintained a way of life relatively undisturbed by modern society.  To see our Tanzania trip notes click here.  To see our Tanzania photos click here.

Yap, Micronesia -  Although one can perceive common elements from other Polynesian cultures, such as the Maori or Fijians,  Yap maintains a very interesting society.  To see our Palau/Yap photos click here

Madagascar.  Madagascar’s first humans came from Indonesia just prior to the middle of the last millennium.  In subsequent centuries Europeans colonized it, importing African, Indian and Chinese labor and generating a population with great physical beauty and a fascinating melange of practices and beliefs.  To see photos of Madagascar click here.